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Our Inspiration

When we found out our 4 year old daughter wouldn’t grow out of her peanut allergy, our first reaction was concern. How would we keep her safe? How would we alert people to the fact she couldn’t eat nuts? We did a lot of research looking for ways to accomplish this…cool, fun ways that she would like, and we couldn’t find anything WE liked. So, we got creative…and Allergy Monkey was born.

We spent a year brainstorming ideas – we brainstormed at night after the kids were asleep and in the morning over coffee. We talked to friends and researched allergies and created a line of products - t-shirts, bag tags, backpacks, lunch sacks, epi pen holders - that will alert others to a child’s allergy…and we made it fun and cool.

And, knowing that millions of children suffer from allergies, we feel strongly about supporting allergy research. At the end of the ordering process you will be asked which of the following organizations you would like Allergy Monkey to donate 5% of the net profits of your order to: Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network; Save the Children; St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Allergy Monkey was designed by parents for parents. We hope you like it!

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